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Put My Experience To Work For You After A Serious Motor Vehicle Accident

Auto accidents are unfortunately common throughout California and are perhaps the most common type of injury claim. Some personal injury firms operate as a volume business looking for a high number of quick settlements, even if that’s not what is best for the client.

At the Law Offices of John H. Howard, we do things differently. Our legal team has over four decades of experience. We understand just how consequential a car accident can be. It is our job to ensure that victims have the resources they need to live as normally as possible after their accident. We purposely keep a low caseload so that we can provide personalized service and prepare every claim as if it were going to trial. Using this approach, we have managed to recover many multimillion-dollar settlements and judgments on behalf of personal injury victims in Oxnard and throughout the Tri-County Area.

Common Vehicle Accident Scenarios And Causes

We represent clients who have been injured in nearly any type of motor vehicle crash, including:

Car accidents: Poor driver decisions are often to blame for car crashes. Drivers may be drunk, distracted or inattentive, or they may be speeding and driving aggressively.

Motorcycle accidents: Too often, motorcyclists are seriously hurt because drivers of larger vehicles fail to keep a lookout for them. Common accident scenarios include left-turn crashes, rear-end collisions and cut-off accidents.

Bicyclist and pedestrian accidents: Drivers fail to notice or yield right of way to pedestrians and bicyclists, leading to accidents with catastrophic or fatal injuries. Bad infrastructure (like malfunctioning crossing signals) contributes to the problem.

Trucking accidents: Drivers of semi trucks are often fatigued or drowsy behind the wheel. They may be using equipment that has not been regularly inspected or maintained, leading to mechanical issues like worn-out brakes. Unreasonable delivery deadlines prompt many truckers to speed and drive aggressively. All of these factors greatly increase the risk of a serious truck crash.

Train crashes: Incidents involving trains occur in both passenger rail and freight rail scenarios. Freight trains cross paths with other vehicles and pedestrians at railroad crossings. When they are poorly designed or maintained, railroad crossings become a hotspot for train-pedestrian or train-car accidents.

Bus accidents: Bus passengers, other drivers and pedestrians are all at risk when a bus crash occurs. The type and severity of accidents varies depending on whether the bus was being used for local public transportation or travel to other cities and states.

Rideshare accidents: Companies like Uber and Lyft offer riders convenience and low prices. But when an accident occurs, insurance coverage can be complex and rideshare companies are quick to deny liability. We can protect your rights and help you understand your legal options.

While our firm represents clients independently, attorney Howard also works in an of counsel capacity at Lowthorp Richards LLP. As such, our firm has access to the resources necessary to take on cases of any size and complexity, from two-vehicle crashes to mass transit accidents with many injured victims.

Understanding The Full Costs Of Your Accident And Injuries

Many auto accident victims are hesitant to take legal action because their injuries initially seem minor. They may accept an insurance company’s quick settlement offer, only to later discover that their medical bills were higher than expected and that their injuries are presenting bigger long-term problems than they anticipated.

Once you accept a settlement offer, you forfeit the right to take future legal action. It is best to give yourself time to make such an important decision and to consult with an attorney who can accurately assess the value of your claim. In over 44 years of practice, we have helped countless clients get justice through a negotiated settlement or jury trial.

Discuss Your Options

The Law Offices of John H. Howard serves clients throughout Ventura, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara counties, as well as nationwide. To schedule an initial consultation, call our Oxnard office at 805-309-9296 or submit an online contact form.