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Understand Your Rights And Legal Options After A Serious Bus Accident

Many people take buses for granted. Because most Californians ride buses starting when they are children, they may have developed a false sense of security about these giant vehicles. But make no mistake, bus accidents are often fatal for occupants of other vehicles, and a high-speed bus crash can result in widespread injuries and deaths for passengers.

At the Law Offices of John H. Howard, we help clients throughout the Tri-Counties and nationwide seek accountability after being seriously injured in a bus accident. Our attorney, John H. Howard, brings more than four decades of legal experience to each case and we limit the number of cases we take on to ensure that all clients receive the personalized attention and advocacy they deserve.

Ready To Represent Victims Of Any Type Of Bus Accident

Our firm can help you seek justice after any type of bus crash, including:

  • Bus rollovers injuring many passengers on board
  • Pedestrians struck by city buses
  • Crashes between buses and cars
  • Bus accidents caused by negligent vehicle maintenance or faulty auto parts
  • Crashes caused by inexperienced and poorly trained bus drivers who could not adapt to changing weather, traffic or road conditions
  • Coach and charter bus accidents
  • Shuttle bus crashes
  • Intercity or interstate bus crashes caused by fatigued or drowsy bus drivers
  • School bus accidents

In some cases, defendants in a bus accident lawsuit are limited to the bus driver and the small company they work for. More often, however, buses are owned and operated by government agencies or by national corporations. This increases both the complexity of the litigation and the potential financial recovery for plaintiffs.

Hire An Attorney With A Proven Track Record Of Success

Even with a persuasive claim, you may think you cannot succeed in suing a major corporation or a government entity. On your own, that may be true. But with an experienced litigator on your side, the playing field suddenly begins to level.

Attorney Howard has helped clients bring successful injury claims against various cities, counties and the state of California. He has also taken on well-funded defendants like Gold Coast Transit, Amtrak, Greyhound, Metrolink, VCTC and Airporter Shuttle Ventura County. Throughout his career, attorney Howard has helped many clients achieve multimillion-dollar settlements and judgements.

After A Bus Crash, Seek Medical Attention And Legal Counsel

Your injuries may seem minor at first, but it is important to seek medical attention after a bus accident. You might find that was initially seemed small has had a major impact on your life, your ability to work and your daily activities. Failing to seek prompt medical attention could limit your ability to file a claim later on.

Additionally, it is critical to discuss your options with an attorney as soon as reasonably possible – especially if the bus in your accident was owned by a government entity. You might have just six months from the date of the crash to take legal or risk losing your right to sue.

Seek Legal Help For Your Injuries

The Law Offices of John H. Howard is based in Oxnard, and serves clients nationwide with a focus on Ventura, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties. We take personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning you won’t owe any legal fees until and unless you recover compensation. To discuss your case, call 805-309-9296 or submit an online contact form.