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Dedicated Personal Injury Representation Backed By Decades Of Experience

Accidents and injuries happen every day in California. To most people, these incidents are little more than a news headline. But if you’ve suffered serious injuries or lost someone you love, these events are life-changing and deeply personal.

When it comes time to seek justice and accountability in court, you deserve to work with a skilled attorney who will give your claim the time and attention it deserves. Our commitment to clients includes keeping a relatively low caseload to ensure personalized service. We prepare every case as if it were going to trial.

In more than four decades of practice, we have secured multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements for many of our personal injury and wrongful death claim clients.

Advocating For Victims Of Any Type Of Motor Vehicle Accident

Auto accidents are the most common personal injury scenario, especially in a large state like California. In over four decades we have helped countless clients claim compensation related to:

  • Car accidents (caused by drunk driving, texting, speeding and aggressive driving, etc.)
  • Trucking accidents
  • Motorcycle crashes
  • Collisions involving trains
  • Accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Bus crashes

Insurers will likely offer you a quick but small settlement or they may try to blame you for the crash. You should accept neither a bad faith settlement nor blame. If you feel that you have been seriously harmed by the wrongdoing of another, feel free to contact us.

Seeking Justice In Civil Court For Survivors Of Criminal Acts

Those who commit crimes of violence can be punished in criminal court. But such punishment does little to get justice for those they have harmed. Criminal prosecution also tends to exclude individuals and institutions that negligently allowed a criminal actor to harm others.

Thankfully, the civil justice system provides a legal remedy. Consider the example of a sex abuse survivor who was abused by a teacher or coach. We can help that client bring a strong legal claim against both the abuser and the school administration that failed to protect the student.

Consider another example of a mall patron who was assaulted in the dimly lit mall parking lot. While the mall’s owner did not cause the crime, they may potentially be liable for failing to provide adequate security measures and personnel.

No Case Is Too Large Or Complex

As a highly experienced personal injury attorney, attorney Howard has litigated numerous mass tort claims. These are claims that involve many plaintiffs who were harmed under the same or similar circumstances, such as survivors of wildfires or mass transit accidents. We are ready to take on government entities, large corporations and other high-profile defendants in cases alleging serious physical injuries, psychological injuries like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), property loss and other damages.

While attorney Howard often litigates as a part of his firm, he also serves in an of-counsel capacity at Lowthorp Richards LLP. This arrangement allows us access to additional resources and legal personnel, when needed.

Learn How We Can Help

Based in Oxnard, California, the Law Offices of John H. Howard primarily serves the Tri-County area, but represents clients nationwide. To speak to an experienced member of our legal team about your legal options, call 805-309-9296 or submit an online contact form.