Over Four Decades Of Prevailing Based On The Skilled Presentation Of Evidence And Facts

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Serving The Injured For More Than Four Decades

If you’ve been seriously injured by the negligence or willful misconduct of another person or organization, the next moves you make could shape your future for years to come. With so much at stake, it’s wise to consult with an experienced professional to guide you through the process.

For more than 45 years, John Howard has provided skilled representation to clients throughout the tri-Counties and Nationwide. We have helped countless wrongfully harmed individuals secure the compensation they need to move forward in life.

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You And Your Legal Matter Are Our Top Priorities

We prepare every case as if it will be going to trial. There are several reasons for this. First, it puts us in the strongest position to negotiate on your behalf. Defendants are often more willing to offer a fair settlement if they know plaintiffs are serious about going to court, if necessary. Second, we understand that the outcome of your case will have a major impact on your future and your financial security. As your representative, we make sure that we are prepared for whatever strategy will give you the highest chance of a successful outcome, whether through settlement or trial.

As someone going through perhaps the most difficult period in their life, you deserve an attorney who cares about making you a priority. That’s what you can expect as a client. We don’t run a settlement mill or a volume business. Instead, we keep our caseload low enough to ensure that the clients we represent receive personalized attention and can reach us when they have questions or concerns.

A Primary Focus On Personal Injury Law

We have earned a reputation as advocates for the injured. We are honored to receive regular referrals from former clients, jurors, judges and other lawyers. We work on behalf of others who have:

  • Been catastrophically injured in car, truck and motorcycle accidents
  • Suffered injuries on dangerous private property
  • Become victims of violent crime due to negligent security on privately owned property
  • Survived sexual abuse
  • Were hurt in a bus accident, train crash or other mass transportation accident
  • Lost a loved one due to the negligent or intentional actions of another person

We can help you whether you need representation as an individual plaintiff or as part of a mass tort claim involving many people who were injured by the same defendant under similar circumstances.

A Solo Attorney With Access To Additional Resources

Much of John H. Howard’s career was spent as a solo attorney, and that is still largely how this firm operates today. However, he is also of-counsel at the law firm of Lowthorp Richards LLP. This professional arrangement is beneficial for all involved, including our clients. If your case is large or complex enough to require additional legal resources and personnel, we have a team of trusted professionals we can call upon.

Whether we represent you alone or as part of a team that includes outside resources, you can trust that we will continue to provide the same level of dedication and personalized attention discussed above.

To Inquire

From our office in Ventura County, the Law Offices of John H. Howard serves clients throughout the Tri-Counties, as well as coast to coast. You can explore your legal options by calling 805-309-9296 to schedule an initial consultation. You can also reach us using our online contact form.