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Verdicts And Judgments

The vast majority of personal injury, and similar type cases, settle without the need for a trial. However, there are occasions when cases are not resolved by a fair and just settlement and need to be resolved by a jury trial resulting in a Verdict or court trial resulting in a Judgment. The following are examples of Verdicts and Judgments obtained by Mr. Howard over the years:

Al-Awar v. Golden State Water Co., Inc
Inverse condemnation/additional torts
Judgment $2.62 million

Amy Doe and Claire Doe v. Wiley
Sexual molestation
Verdict $7,354,425.00

Cabral v. Moorefield Construction, Inc
Construction accident
Verdict of $1,119,659.40

Cummins v. Goddard
Vehicle v. Bicyclist
Judgment for $5.2 million

David v. Hernandez
Automobile v. Semi accident
Verdict $3,379,700.00

Deacon v. Kafatia
Sexual Assault by Campus Security
Judgment $51,000,000.00

Fernandez v. Carl Warren & Co
Insurance bad faith
Verdict $1,499,889.12

Gatlin v. Do Lab, et al.
Wrongful Death
Verdict: $4,000,000.00 ($1,000,000.00 as to MAPS, all other settled)
Settled: $4,000,000.00 (Do Lab, Gottlieb and RGX before trial)

Katz v. CVS
Fall Caused by store employee
Verdict: $1.19 million

Mangum v. Dayton Hudson
Security Abuse
Verdict of $5,173,772.89

Martin v. Cal Coast
Motorcycle accident
Verdict $880,000

McCoy v. Caltrans
Dangerous condition for public property
Verdict $22,618,040.73

Means v. Kinney Shoe Corp.
Sexual Harassment
Verdict $872,019.00

Mills v. Gutierrez-Hermosillo dba Pizza Hut
Automobile accident
Verdict of $7.62 million

Reynolds v. 31st. DAA, et al.
Dangerous condition of public property
Verdict $1.2 million

Sanchez v. Hagel
Automobile accident
Verdict 1,875,000.00

Schlag v. Jack In The Box
Slip and fall
Verdict $898,000

Sirott v. CA Dept. Of Transportation
Bicycle accident resulting from dangerous condition on public property
Verdict of $1,045,070.58

Stephenson v. Pedraza
Pedestrian accident
Verdict $1 million

Vasquez v. Foxborough Park, Inc., et al.
Dangerous condition of public property
Verdict $1,195,264.05

Waits v. Wilks, et al.
Dangerous condition of public property
Verdict $1,153,876.00

Wormley v. Martin
Auto v. Pedestrian
Verdict $2,500,313.41